Luis Enrique

‘I don’t mind players having s3x the night before matches but I draw the line at orgies,’ said Spain coach Luis Enrique in his latest streaming to fans from Qatar.

The Spain manager also admitted he would love to have moved to England in his playing days refueling rumours that he’ll end up coaching in the Premier League one day.

The unconventional coach was speaking on Twitch, fulfilling his promise to fans to keep streaming for as long as Spain are in the World Cup.

In a no-holds barred series of questions and answers on Thursday night he spoke about everything from channeling Gavi’s energy on the pitch to whether he puts onion in his Spanish omelet.

When he was also asked if players should be told not to have sex before games he said: ‘It’s ridiculous (to ban it). It’s something I consider totally normal.

If you’re at an orgy the night before a match then obviously that’s not ideal, but when I’m a club coach the players are at home the night before a game and it’s not something that worries me at all.

‘If it’s something they do then it’s because they need to and want to. But I repeat with common sense! Each one with their partner. It’s normal. When I was a player if I was at home before a game, with my wife, well we did what we had to do.’

Enrique’s star man in his Spain squad – Ferran Torres – is currently dating his daughter and he previously joked she would ‘chop his head off’ is he failed to start him in a game.

When asked who, in the Spain squad might be the most similar player to Enrique, the manager said: ‘That’s very easy – It’s Mr Ferran Torres – otherwise my daughter will come after me and chop off my head.’

Later on in the stream, Enrique was asked what country he wishes he had played in he said: ‘England definitely. The Italian league was very strong in my era but playing in England would have helped me with my level of English and I would have been able to experience the more physical, more intense football that they have there, and experience a different culture.’

Roman Abramovich tried to take Luis Enrique to Chelsea when he owned the club. And last season he was top of Manchester United’s wish list until it became clear he was not about to abandon Spain before the World Cup.


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