Virgil Van Dijk

Virgil Van Dijk Will Not Wear The OneLove Bracelet At The World Cup Because The Netherlands Bows To Pressure From FIFA

Virgil van Dijk, star of Liverpool and the Netherlands, reportedly will not wear a OneLove bracelet at the 2022 World Cup after the Dutch national team bows to pressure from FIFA.

Some players were eager to take a stand against homophobia, as World Cup hosts Qatar were a controversial choice for this tournament due to their anti-LGBTQI+ laws.

Being gay is illegal in the Gulf state, but it seems FIFA is keen to pressure players not to organize even the most peaceful form of protest during this tournament.

As a result, there was a threat of yellow cards being handed out to captains who wore the OneLove bracelet, which is why Van Dijk has now decided not to wear it, according to De Telegraaf.

A statement from the Dutch national team said: “We deeply regret that it was not possible to reach a reasonable solution together. We stand for the OneLove message and will continue to spread it, but our number one priority at the World Cup is winning the games.

“Then you don’t want the captain to start the match with a yellow card. That is why we, as a UEFA working group, KNVB and as a team, had to decide with pain in our hearts to abandon our plan.”

It remains to be seen what decision other countries and their captains will come to, but it would be refreshing if players took a firm stance on this and showed that some things are more important than football.


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