Cristiano Ronaldo has managed to put many noses out of joint since Sunday, including his boss, ex-teammates and fans. The Glazers themselves have made a habit of this during their ownership of the club, and they have historically been hard to budge on certain aspects.

United fans are looking over at Anfield in envy after news emerged that FSG are exploring options to sell Liverpool. The continual protests and anti-owner shouts are upping the pressure on the Glazers to do the same although a sell-up looks far off for now, especially after Sir Jim Ratcliffe cooled his interest last week.

United spent £225m last summer and the owners may have hoped that would have blanketed Ronaldo’s transfer request over the summer. Except the player himself has not allowed it to.

United fans by now are well aware of his misdemeanours over the course of the season, including last weekend. More clips of this week’s interview with Piers Morgan were released by the TV host on Monday evening, one of which signals that the Glazers have lost any excuse to keep hold of Ronaldo.

Ronaldo said: “The owners of the club, the Glazers, they don’t care about the club, professional sport.” The vast majority of fans will support his statement, although ironically some may point to Ronaldo as evidence of his accusation.

United look far smoother without Ronaldo in the team and his move could have derailed Erik ten Hag’s progress. A number of supporters were in favour of the superstar leaving upon his transfer request, as were many inside the club.

But, as the Manchester Evening News revealed at the time in August, Joel Glazer was adamant on keeping the Portugal icon at the club. His resistance to offload Ronaldo – who broke shirt sale records last summer – has undoubtedly hampered the rebuild project.

However, Ronaldo’s latest comments about him and his family leaves his transfer stance unviable. An employee undercutting his boss in any line of business usually leads to only one outcome, and this is only amplified when it comes to elite sport where clashes of giant egos can lead to catastrophe.

The Glazers only have one option, and their reasons for keeping him will have dissolved amid the backlash they have received from the fanbase and football community.

Just as in the case of Ten Hag, the owners cannot afford to keep someone who has attacked them or else risk losing even more credibility than already has been lost within their business realm – which is what really matters to them most.


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