Thiago Motta

Bologna coach Thiago Motta was delighted after Monday night’s win against Monza

Motta has had a tough start to his tenure with the Granata, but was left pleased after last night’s triumph.

He said, “One can already hear it this week. We had a great week, we trained in the right way and in the end we reaped the rewards. With the week we have done, we have shown the difficulty of reversing the game and bringing the three points home.

“In the end we have strong players who have enormous potential. Who when they play like this together are capable of performing like today. When the team works, the singles emerge because the eleven who started did very well but who took over they improved the level.

“The fact of Riccardo (Orsolini), entering the game and defending low but then made an extraordinary run, gaining speed from his opponent by scoring goals. These are Riccardo’s characteristics.”


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