Graeme Souness

Graeme Souness insists VAR made the correct decision to disallow West Ham United’s second goal in their 2-1 defeat to Chelsea on Saturday.

The moment came when Reece James’ misguided header back to Edouard Mendy sold the Blues goalkeeper short and he collided with Jarrod Bowen, who appeared to leave his foot in and drag it over the Senegalese’s torso.

Mendy was then seen writhing in pain on the ground while play continued and Maxwel Cornet found the back of the net.

But while West Ham celebrated, Madley was told by VAR official Jared Gillett to visit the pitch side monitor to review the goal and after some consideration disallowed the strike.

‘First of all, Jarrod Bowen stumbles prior to going for the ball,’ Souness told TalkSport.

‘Bowen’s right foot is showing six studs and that is endangering Mendy.

‘It’s not like I’m trying to jump over him, that is a different action or movement all together.

‘Jarrod Bowen has no history of looking to hurt people, I think the reason that happened is that he had a stumble prior to him setting off before he gets to the goalkeeper.

‘For me, I think the referee got it right. People will focus on his left, trailing leg catching Mendy and Mendy rolling over and holding his shoulder, but I think it’s more to do with his right foot where he is showing six studs.

‘I would say it’s not even a grey area, I was working at Sky on the weekend doing the Villa and Manchester City game.

‘There is a split screen and there is games, so I’m only looking at a small picture of that incident on a screen at Sky Sports on Saturday.

‘From 30 feet away and I wasn’t concerntrating on it or looking at the replays was that he led with his right foot and showed his studs to Mendy.

‘Does Mendy see six studs coming his way, simple question, is that a yes or a no?.

Jim White responded: ‘Yes. To which Souness quickly said: ‘Well that makes it a dangerous play.’

More to follow.


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