Gerard Pique and Shakira

Barcelona defender Gerard Pique could get a shot at redeeming himself with Shakira. Reports from Informalia, via MARCA, suggest the Colombian pop star is willing to forgive him since she is still very much in love with Pique.

The couple officially announced their split in June, ending their 12-year relationship. The 35-year-old was reportedly seeing a blonde woman in her 20s, whose initials are understood to be ‘C.C’. However, it is now being reported that the Barcelona veteran no longer wishes to be with the woman he was spotted with after his break-up with the ‘Waka Waka’ singer.

Although Shakira has had a very stressful few months since learning about her partner’s infidelity, she still has a soft corner for him. The Spanish outlet reported that she could give Pique a second chance and is willing to forgive him.

In fact, her mother, Nidia Ridoll, who has been living with the Colombian pop star recently in Barcelona, insists that she’d like the couple to patch-up. She told Europa Press, via MARCA:

“Of course I would like them to get back together. She is feeling better every day, thanks to God.”
When asked whether her daughter was planning to take the couple’s kids, Sasha and Milan to Miami with her, Ridoll said:

“I have no idea, we’ve not spoken about that.”

The aforementioned report also suggests that Shakira is displeased with her mother making public comments about the Colombian getting back together with Pique.

Shakira offers to pay a part of Barcelona defender Pique’s debt to gain full custody of her kids
Whether the ‘Waka Waka’ singer and the Blaugrana centre-back will be back together is something only time will tell. However, another report claims that she is willing to pay a hefty sum to take full custody of their children, Sasha and Milan.

The 35-year old has an outstanding debt of $2.5 million and Shakira is prepared to pay 20 per cent of that amount. She’s going to handle all the expenses for her kids when she gets their full custody.

However, she does not plan to keep Pique away from his kids. The Colombian is set to arrange five first-class trips for the Barcelona defender, allowing him to visit them in Miami.

Additionally, as part of this formal agreement, she will allow the kids to stay with Pique for one month in the summer and let him stay at her mansion.

However, according to reports, Pique is preparing an offer of his own to counter the one presented by Shakira.


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