Robert Lewandowski

At 9:06 am, Lewandowski arrived at Säbener Strasse in his bright red service Audi. Six minutes late!

Lewy was also the last to come onto the training ground at 10.31 am. Normally he was always one of the first in his eight Bayern years.

He scratched his ear, listlessly strolling to warm up. He started all exercises last. He completed it, but never with 100 percent commitment – and with sagging shoulders.

Lewandowski hardly spoke to his teammates.

Only Leon Goretzka often spoke to the striker. He also exchanged a fun chat with Jamal Musiala.

And with Julian Nagelsmann? No contact and no conversation on the pitch!

Significant: When the coach gave a speech in the team circle, the superstar stood on the very outside, demonstratively looking away. He preferred to stretch his thighs…

The situation surrounding the first training session was also tricky for his teammates: According to BILD information, coach Nagelsmann and the players are unsure how to deal with the superstar. Almost everyone considers it almost impossible that Lewandowski will play for Bayern again. After all that, he wore a Bayern jersey again – the session took place in the new white and gold away jersey because of a photo session.

In the final game, Lewy was in the A team, but he often didn’t go for the ball properly. He tried a hooked pass, but it landed on the opponent. The otherwise dangerous goal machine didn’t score a goal.

The peak of Lewandowski’s listlessness: Because his team lost, all the stars with the neon yellow jersey had to do push-ups. Lewy didn’t feel like it! He didn’t participate, preferring instead to get a soft drink from the kit manager’s golf cart.

In the final sprints, Lewy left a gap of 15 meters to his neighbor Hernández.

At 12.16 pm, the listless training was over. Just 22 minutes later, the Poland star was back in his sports car and sped home from the underground car park to his villa in the posh district of Bogenhausen


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