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The 2021-22 football season has been incredible for Real Madrid – they picked up their 35th La Liga title, dominating the field for most of the season. Saturday the 28th May saw Real Madrid and Liverpool clash for the Champion’s League title, in which Madrid would come out on top after a 1-0 win. It wasn’t the first time the two titans of the European game have entered into battle either, with the first of eight competitive matches taking place back in the 1980-81 European Cup final. Throughout this article, we will take a look at the top moments from clashes between these two iconic football teams.


Before lifting the 2022 Champions League title, Real Madrid met Liverpool back in 2018 and reigned supreme with a 3-1 win. The most incredible moment coming from recently Gareth Bale, who came off the bench and sealed Liverpool’s fate with two goals, which included an impressive overhead kick. Head over to Bonus Finder to find your next platform to back this incredible team when they play against Eintracht Frankfurt in the UEFA Super Cup final.


We continue with the appearance above for our next great Liverpool-Real Madrid moment, a game that was full of drama. The moment that sticks in our minds is seeing the formidable Mo Salah leave the pitch in tears after a challenge with Sergio Ramos, which injured his shoulder. Salah’s unfortunate departure left Liverpool fans in silence and cleared the way for Madrid to win their third successive title, which started with a goal from Karim Benzema at 51 minutes in.


Madrid found victory over Liverpool at Anfield when they met in 2014 during the group stages, with a stellar performance in the first half. The match was off to a relatively even start during the opening 22 minutes, before Cristiano Ronaldo found the back of the net, which released the flood gates for Benzema to seal the deal with two further goals. Anfield was left open-mouthed afterwards.

Former manager Brendan Rodgers scalded striker Mario Balotelli, who had swapped shirts with opponent Pepe at halftime. Balotelli was told that it wasn’t something he stood for and that he would be dealt with later – he was consequently fined for the offence.


Real Madrid arrived at Anfield for the first time in 2008 and was smashed away from home in a 4-0 win for Liverpool. There were many great moments in this game, but the highlight has to be Fernando Torres’ stunning goal 16-minutes into the game. If it wasn’t for the incredible goalkeeping of Iker Casillas, Torres could have easily scored the hat-trick, even if follow-ups were netted by Steven Gerrard and Andrea Dossena.


The first clash between these titans saw Liverpool come out with a 1-0 win. This game was intense and looked as if it was to enter extra time. Then, in the final minutes, Alan Kennedy managed received the ball from a throw-in, which led him to find the back of the net. In the weeks before this game, Kennedy feared he wouldn’t play because of a broken wrist that was supposed to take 10 weeks to heal – he defied the odds and was picked for the game.

Real Madrid and Liverpool are two of Europe’s most revered football teams, so there’s no surprise that their clashes come packed full of drama and incredible displays of talent. The moments mentioned above are just our favourites — there are plenty of stellar moments behind them, and hopefully, many more to come in the future.


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