Gerard Pique and Shakira

Barcelona veteran Gerard Pique cannot seem to shrug off the controversy around the alleged affair that led to his breakup with partner Shakira. The couple officially announced their split last month, ending a relationship that lasted for more than a decade.

However, Pique seems to have carried on with his life. Pulzo reported that the Barcelona centre-back has been pictured with a young blonde woman. Although her identity is unknown, she is assumed to be the same 20-year-old who the Spaniard is having an affair with.

The 35-year old has also asked this woman, who he is now romantically involved with, to sign a set of conditions in order to continue their relationship. It is understood that Pique took this decision after being subjected to ridicule by the Spanish media over the course of last month.

The Barcelona centre-back signed a confidentiality clause to ensure that the details of his personal life do not come out in the open. He wants to prevent their use by the media for their ratings. Journalist Marco Chiazza gave the following information on the matter, via Pulzo:

“They met at a party in Barcelona, which belonged to Piqué’s company. He was very comfortable with her, after meeting her through a partner. After asking her permission to go out with her, he hired her to work and made her sign a contract so that she says absolutely nothing.”

Pique is greatly disturbed by the manner in which his name has been maligned in the media and doesn’t want the news of this clause to spread. Chiazza suggests this is why the information has stayed hidden. The journalist added:

“Piqué can’t bear to have his privacy violated and this is something he’s not handling well. For that reason it is not appearing in any media; neither on Twitch, which is where it is usually shown, nor on any other channel.”

Pulzo reported that the Barcelona defender’s ex, Shakira, could leave Spain soon along with their two kids, Milan and Sasha. The Spanish outlet also mentioned that the Colombian popstar had a meeting in secret with Pique regarding the custody of their children.

Shakira snapped surfing after breakup with Barcelona defender Pique

While it is always difficult for celebrities to make public appearances after getting involved in controversies, they eventually do move beyond the ordeal. Shakira too, made a public appearance after enduring a difficult month and looked much less stressed.

The Daily Mail reported that the Barcelona star’s former partner had gone surfing at a beach in Cantabria, Spain. She was spotted with her son Milan and another man. The Colombian star was pictured smiling, in what could be seen as a moment of respite after the recent controversy.


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