Arsenal youngster Marcelo Flores has decided to represent Mexico on the international level.

The player was eligible to play for Mexico, Canada, and England due to his heritage and childhood but the 18-year-old midfielder has now chosen to play for El Tri after much deliberation.

Confirming his decision on social media, Flores said: “Existing as I do – being from a multicultural environment who identifies with several different countries – I feel it’s normal to question your identity and even sometimes doubt your own origin.

“Canada and England are a part of me, they have made me who I am. I can’t lie, this hasn’t been an easy process.

“I love Mexico. My father instilled this passion from a very young age and I was fortunate to visit Mexico every year during my childhood.

“I have always been part of the Mexican national team system. It is where I feel most comfortable. It is where my sisters and I feel most at home even when ‘home’ is thousands of miles away.”

“I will represent Mexico wholeheartedly for the rest of my professional life. The Mexican Federation has supported me in different facets of my soccer development, invested in my progress, and has always trusted me with the freedom to do what I thought was best.”


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