Bruno Lage

Bruno Lage will not travel with Wolverhampton Wanderers to Chelsea on Saturday due to a positive Covid-19 test.

The Wolves manager will not go to Stamford Bridge with the team to face Chelsea, as he tested positive earlier this week, and he was unable to attend his pre-game press conference, so goalkeeper coach Tony Roberts stepped in.

“He’s done a test, with no symptoms, and it’s come up positive,” said Roberts.

“He’s still been out there from a distance, doing the main parts of the work. Tomorrow he isn’t going to travel, which is a shame because we need him as he’s our leader.”

Since self-isolation is no longer a legal requirement, Lage has spent the last several days on the training field, maintaining a safe distance from the players and personnel. For Wednesday’s match against Man City, there is a possibility he will return to the dugout.


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