Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba has opened up on the robbery he experienced in the past week.

The Frenchman’s house was raided by burglars while he was on duty with Man United against Atletico Madrid and while no one was hurt in the incident, he revealed that the move had left his family living in fear.
“I am ok, my family too. I had quite a surprising week, with the Champions League match where I learned that I am not going to play and, when I went home, I discovered that my home was robbed following the entry of three people who stole my safe.

“There was my mother’s jewelry in there, my World Cup medal… What scared me the most, is that my two children were at home with the nanny during the incident. She heard everything, called my wife and security, then locked herself with the boys (aged 1 and 2) in a room. For several days after, she was in shock. The most important thing is that my children are doing fine,” he told Le Figaro.

The player’s future at Old Trafford remains a subject of speculation with his contract set to expire in the summer. PSG and Real Madrid are said to be the clubs interested in his services.


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