Emiliano Sala

The jury has revealed that Emiliano Sala died as a result of a plane crash, having been overcome by toxic levels of carbon monoxide. 

Sala and single-engine plane pilot, David Ibbotson died in January 2019 after it crashed into the English channel. The late Sala completed his move from Nantes to Cardiff and was on his way to being unveiled by his new team.

As revealed by the jury, Sala died from head and chest injuries but was deeply unconscious having been poisoned by fumes from the plane’s faulty exhaust system.

“The family particularly note the jury’s findings that it is likely that both the pilot and Emiliano suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning and that Emiliano was deeply unconscious at the time of the accident and that the poisoning was caused by a failure in the aircraft exhaust system,” a statement from Sala’s family read.

“The family also welcome the coroner’s decision to communicate to the relevant authorities her concerns about the safety issues arising from this inquest in order to prevent similar future deaths. No family should have to go through grief from a similar avoidable accident.”

Sala’s flight organizer David Henderson was convicted last year after being found guilty by a majority verdict of endangering the safety of an aircraft. The 67-year-old businessman was convicted by a majority verdict of 10 to two over the death of the player by a jury at Cardiff Crown Court.

Henderson is serving an 18-month prison sentence for aviation offences relating to the flight.

The body of Mr Ibbotson, from Crowle, Lincolnshire, has never been found.


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