FIFA is poised to enable international players in Russia to suspend their contracts temporarily in response to the country’s military intervention in Ukraine.

Krasnodar has already agreed to suspend the contracts of all eight of its international players – among them are Remy Cabella and Grzegorz Krychowiak – to allow them to leave the country and train with other teams.

The New York Times reports that agencies and FIFPro have petitioned FIFA to enable players to end their contracts with Russian clubs, but the governing body has refused such move, opting instead to allow players’ contracts to be suspended.

Foreign players will soon be allowed to leave their Russian teams, but only temporarily, since they must return by June 30, the conclusion of the European season.

FIFPro and the World Leagues Forum have written to FIFA pleading with the body to take prompt action on the matter.

The letter said:

These foreign players may rightfully consider that they are not willing to represent any longer a Russian team and should be able to immediately terminate their contract with their employer without facing any sanction whatsoever from international bodies and to be registered in a new club without being restricted by transfer period regulations.

FIFA, cognizant of the precedent set by its decision to bar Russia from international tournaments, did not want to cause a legal storm by allowing players to terminate their contracts and instead came up with this interim solution.


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