The English Football Association has released a statement stating that their international teams won’t play Russia at any level.

The move has been arrived at following the rising conflict in Ukraine after Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine last Thursday.

It indicates England will refuse to play Russia in both the World Cup in Qatar and the Women’s Euros this summer, should the sides be drawn against each other.

A statement from the FA as per Sky Sports on the matter noted: “Out of solidarity with Ukraine and to wholeheartedly condemn the atrocities being committed by the Russian leadership.”

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Saturday it was “inconceivable” normal sporting relations with Vladimir Putin’s Russia can continue following the invasion of Ukraine.

FIFA has also warned Russia they will be banned from all international football if the war does not stop.
FIFA also said it “will remain in close contact to seek to find appropriate and acceptable solutions together” after Poland, Sweden and Czech Republic all refused to play their World Cup play-offs with Russia in opposition to the invasion of Ukraine.


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