Manchester United midfielder Fred has questioned the club’s top official on their reluctance to appoint a longer-term manager.

United have had the tendency of changing managers since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson but Fred in an interview with TNT Brazil claimed that they looked like they did not have a long-term plan.

“It’s a bit strange. I know in football it’s important to get good results as soon as possible, but it’s also important to have a long-term plan. I think it’s a little bit bad for us not to have one (a permanent boss). At the moment it’s all about the short-term goals.

“We don’t know how it’s going to be after the end of this season. With all due respect to Villarreal, it was our job to win that Europa League final last season and we failed. It’s about having better football planning at the club – if you don’t want to win titles you don’t deserve to play for Manchester United.

“We’re still in the Champions League but let’s see if we arrive better next season to find our peak football,” Fred said.

The Brazilian is confident that they can surprise a few people in the Champions League despite many not giving them a chance.

“I know we’re not playing our best football, but we have a lot of quality names in our squad. I see many other teams playing far off from their best as well. To win it wouldn’t be crazy, it could happen. But we will have to work our socks off because we’re far away from being one of the favorites in this competition,” he added.

Fred will be hoping that he can be part of the team that will be facing Atletico Madrid on Wednesday night.


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