UEFA official

UEFA officials might be forced to find a new venue for the Champions League final which has already been set to be played in St Petersburg, if Russia invades Ukraine.

The tournament’s final is scheduled for May 28 at the Gazprom Arena, but if tensions between Russia and Ukraine continue to rise, organizers may be forced to find a new location as Russian President Vladamir Putin pursues his threat to attack Ukraine.

Putin has authorized the entry of Russian soldiers into Ukraine on a ‘peacekeeping mission,’ after his official recognition of the country’s eastern regions as independent republics.

The action has, however, heightened fears of a long-feared Russian invasion of Kyiv.

According to reports, hosting the Champions League final may provide the chosen city with a revenue boost of more than £60 million.

The final between Chelsea and Manchester City last year was also relocated from Istanbul to Porto, after Turkey was put on the UK’s red list for Covid-19 restrictions, banning supporters from visiting the nation.

We will keep an eye on this situation and provide you with updates, but the general hope from Futaa is that peace prevails between the two nations.


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