Arsenal openly has a number of captains at the same time, in case you didn’t know. Granit Xhaka has now named his favourite.

While Mikel Arteta has been in no rush to pick an official captain, the likes of Alexander Lacazette have been one of the rotating skippers.

Xhaka has meanwhile revealed he is delighted to have the Frenchman as a leader.

“At the moment, Laca is our captain and I am more than happy for him,” he told The Athletic.

“He is a very important person for us on and off the pitch. He is a lovely boy. He has a lot of respect from other players and a lot of experience over the years.

“I believe you need a player like this. He is always here. He is never too late. A lot of discipline. He is a funny guy. He is very open and you can speak with him whenever you want.

“I believe at the moment he is the right person to be our captain,” the Swiss international concluded.

For now, Arsenal are training for the Carabao Cup semi-final battle against Liverpool this week.


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