LaLiga stadiums

According to Mundo Deportivo, the Spanish government announced that capacity in open fields has been reduced to 75%, while capacity in enclosed spaces has been lowered to 50%.

This, of course, affects La Liga stadiums, as each venue will now be able to accommodate only 75% of its maximum capacity between January 1 and December 31.

The autonomous government of the Basque Country has considered cutting the capacity to 50%, going well beyond central government’s decision.

For Real Sociedad, this would mean that Anoeta’s current capacity of 39,313 would be curtailed to 19,156 rather than 29,484. It’s a significant difference, but hopefully a temporary one.

The sixth wave of covid-19 is causing mayhem across Europe, forcing hospitality establishments to reduce operating hours and reinstating previously relaxed restrictions.

In Spain, the government has declared that the mandatory use of face masks in outdoor areas has been reinstated, following a summer suspension.


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