Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham Hotspur boss Antonio Conte has revealed that the club is planning to appeal against UEFA’s decision to award Rennes a 3-0 win in their postponed Europa Conference League game.

UEFA’s disciplinary panel ruled that Spurs forfeited the match after calling it off due to a worsening coronavirus outbreak with the Italian revealing on Tuesday that the club could take the matter to the Court for Arbitration of Sport.

“It is not definitive, but there is another step to confirm or not this incredible decision. We are very, very confident for the next step and I repeat we deserve to play the qualification on the pitch, not on the court. I can’t accept this. We are very, very disappointed with UEFA for this decision,” Conte said.

“It’s unfair for sure. We deserve to play for qualification on the pitch, not in this way. I’m very disappointed with UEFA’s decision. I don’t want to understand but I hope in the future, in the next step, something can change because we deserve to play for qualification on the pitch, not in this way. It’s not our fault.”

Conte revealed that they couldn’t play the game as eight of his first-team players and five members of his staff had tested positive for Covid and were to cancel training due to the same.


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