Aaron Wan-Bissaka

Aaron Wan-Bissaka was given a six-month driving ban and a more than £30,000 fine for driving while disqualified and without insurance.

The 24-year-old admitted to driving while disqualified and without insurance when he was initially stopped by police in Manchester on June 23, but that does not diminish the gravity of the offense.

There is no point in pretending ignorance in these instances, as one cannot forget that they have been prohibited from driving. Resuming driving during your suspension is a stupid move.

Wan-Bissaka also pleaded guilty on Monday to failing to provide driver information for two speeding violations in September 2020, Sky Sports reports.

According to his lawyers, the notification letters were delivered to his previous address in Croydon, London.

Wan-Bissaka already had six points on his license, so it’s probably time for him to take a seat in the passenger seat for a while.


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