Gianni Infantino

FIFA president Gianni Infantino is of the suggestion that the African Cup of Nations should be held between September and November after every two years.

The competition’s 2020 edition wasn’t held due to Coronavirus and with the next edition set for next month in Cameroon, there has been a raging debate as to when the competition should be held with European clubs like Liverpool complaining of releasing their players at a crucial stage of the season.

“If we can streamline the calendar and make sure that an Africa Cup of Nations could be played as part of a longer international window in the autumn, then I think we would have already achieved something quite important,” Infantino said as quoted by the BBC.

A few years ago, no one cared if the Africa Cup of Nations was played in January and February – more or less. Today it is becoming an issue because in January and February many leagues in Europe, in particular but also in other parts of the world where African players are playing, are in the middle of their competition and they have to release these players.”

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) moved the timing of the tournament in 2017 in order to avoid this issue, only to have to switch back for Cameroon 2021


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