English Premier League

The Premier League confirmed that 77 percent of its players have received two doses of Covid-19 vaccine, with 84 percent receiving at least one dose.

Footballers have come under fire for their apparent refusal to get vaccinated in the face of an increase in coronavirus cases in the UK, with previous vaccination figures implying that players were not contributing to the fight against Covid-19.

However, the Premier League has announced that 92% of club staff – including players – have received at least one vaccination dose and that 84% of top-flight footballers are on the ‘vaccination journey’.

The Premier League added that starting in January, they will begin publicly disclosing vaccination rates at the end of each month, while continuing to work with clubs to encourage players and staff to get vaccinated.

Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool’s manager, has spoken passionately about vaccination, stating that it is the morally correct thing to do and that 99 percent of the club’s staff has received at least one dose.

“From a moral point of view it should be mandatory for each person I think but that’s not from a legal point of view, if that makes sense,” Klopp said last week.

“It’s a question of persuading. If I do something that helps the people around me then for me that’s mandatory – but obviously, some people see that differently.

“I’m 54 years old and I am really a big believer that you can convince people about the right things to do but I’m not sure in this specific case.

“England is a much better place vaccination-wise than Germany is for example.

“And it is unbelievable how aggressive the anti-vax scene is and how clear they are with all the things, they obviously know better than the rest of us, it is really tricky.”


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