Mino Raiola

Mino Raiola has reacted to allegations that he received nearly €50 million personally for his role in Paul Pogba’s 2016 return to Manchester United from Juventus.

United agreed to pay £89 million, a British record at the time, to bring Pogba back to English football after four years in Italy, and there have long been disagreements over how much commission Raiola earned as the Frenchman’s agent.

According to leaked documents from Football Leaks, Raiola was compensated €48 million (£41 million) for his role in the deal, but the agent told NRC that such claims are baseless.

“That amount from Football Leaks is not correct,” he said.

“I will say no more about that transfer.

“Authorities in several countries have looked into it, nothing illegal happened, and yet I’m still plagued by it. Since the Pogba deal, I have been hounded by the Dutch tax authorities, who think I live in the Netherlands. Nonsense, I have lived in Monaco since 1997.

“Of course these transfers involve large amounts. What do you think those top clubs owe their hundreds of millions of turnover to? Where do you think those transfer amounts come from? They come from television rights, sponsorship income, and ticket sales because people want to watch my players.”

When Pogba was transferred, then-CEO Giuseppe Marotta claimed (via ESPN) that Raiola was actually paid closer to €27 million for his services.

Concerned about the amount of money Raiola earns from his transfer dealings, the agent maintained that his detractors are simply jealous of his success.

“That’s jealousy,” he said.

“We [agents] ensure that players can perform optimally. And that the player gets his fair share. Otherwise, we would still have been sitting around with napkins on which some numbers were scribbled. I am fortunate to work in an industry that has grown exponentially.”


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