Rafael Benitez

Everton boss Rafael Benitez says he is ‘200 percent’ confident that business will be done early in the January transfer window. 

Everton have lost a good number of first-team players to injuries and haven’t been doing well in the domestic league.

“I am 200% convinced that we will do it early,” he said.

“Yes, 200. It is not a question of ideally what you want, you have to be realistic,” he added, when asked how many players he wanted.”

“When I came here and when we were talking about the idea of signings, in a few weeks we realised that we couldn’t sign these players and then we had to manage with the Premier League rules, the financial rules and then we did it and we did it well.”

“Now it is exactly the same. I’m quite optimistic that the club will try their best to improve the squad and to be sure that we are going in the right direction. In terms of the kind of players we want to bring, the main thing is that we need to bring players that want to be here.”

“I think it is something for me that is obvious, that when you have some difficulties, some issues, some problems and you lose some games, you have to be sure you can count on your players.”

“That is something that is very clear for the transfer window, we have to look for this kind of players.”

Toffees’ depleted squad forced a 1-1 draw with Chelsea on Tuesday evening.


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