Frank Lampard

This is a bit unexpected from the great Frank Lampard, but hey, the Premier League is full of surprises.

Lampard has simply said that he regrets criticising Manchester United star Paul Pogba while working as a pundit.

The former Chelsea great goal-scoring midfielder worked as a pundit for BT Sport for a brief period after he officially retired from football in 2017.

Lampard has now he felt terrible for some of the comments remarks he had made about Pogba and after bumping into France number six a couple years later.

“It’s hard – I’d like to think that I’m a decent person, I remember saying some things about Pogba in the first year,” Lampard told Gary Neville on Sky Sports’ The Overlap.

“He’s such a sort of dividing character within football and I remember saying some things as a midfield player and when I came out of it, I actually met him.

“I bumped into him, I think we got to the final and United were playing, I walked into him and you know when you are kind of like, ‘Oh god, I don’t want to bump into you’.

“I felt terrible, I don’t know whether you get over that or not,” he concluded.

Up next for Pogba and United is Brighton at Old Trafford this weekend.


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