It’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic again saying something that will amuse or upset the public. This time the Swede is claiming Manchester United made him pay for juice drinks.

According to the AC Milan center forward, Man United, where he spent two years, used to dip into his wages everytime he would take a juice from the min-bar at various hotels.

“One day I was in the hotel with the team before a game. I got thirsty so I opened the mini-bar and had a fruit juice,” Ibrahimovic wrote in his book Adrenaline, as per the Sun.

“We played and then went home. Some time went by. My pay slip arrives.

“Normally I don’t look at it. I only do so at the end of the year to see what’s come in and what’s gone out,” Ibrahimovic added.

“But that time, I don’t know why, I was curious and realised they’d taken a pound off my monthly wage.

Unsurprisingly, the event left the 40-year-old star fuming. He contacted the club to demand answers on why he had to pay for stuff while on work duty?

“I called the team manager: ‘Excuse me, why have they taken a pound off my salary.’

“The team manager had a look and told me: ‘It was the fruit juice from the mini-bar.’ ‘Are you kidding, seriously?’ ‘No, I’m not. Here, if you order something you have to pay for it.’

“‘Sure, but I didn’t go to the hotel on my own accord. I wasn’t on holiday. It was my work place.
“I was there for Manchester. If I have to play and I’m thirsty, I have to drink. I can’t go on the pitch dehydrated.’

“Can you believe it? A quid? Something like that would never happen in Italy. These are the details that make a difference and earn the respect of the players,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, Zlatan’s Milan are now looking ahead to host Napoli in Serie A on Sunday.


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