Bayern Munich

Joshua Kimmich has expressed regret for not getting the COVID-19 vaccine sooner.

Kimmich, 26, was diagnosed with COVID-19 at the end of November and said last week that he would not be able to play until the new year due to the infection’s impact on his lungs. He’s started mild training again.

The midfielder revealed in October that he had not been vaccinated against COVID-19, forcing him to miss games for Bayern Munich as he had to self-isolate after being declared a close contact.

However, he has since stated that he wishes he had made the decision earlier.

“Broadly, it was just difficult for me to deal with my fears and concerns, and that’s why I remained undecided for so long,” Kimmich told German TV channel ZDF.

“Maybe I had to go through what I have now gone through first. Of course, looking back, I would like to make the vaccination decision earlier, but at the time it wasn’t possible for me.”

Kimmich went on to say that he had made an appointment to get vaccinated, but that he was subsequently infected with the virus. He claimed to have lost his sense of taste and smell, but that his symptoms were minor.

Public health professionals and politicians in Germany blasted Kimmich for his refusal to be vaccinated, and the midfielder admitted that he understood the criticism, but that some of it was excessive.

“I have to say personally that some of the limits have been exceeded,” the 26-year-old said.

“I also had the feeling that there was one or the other who tried to distinguish themselves through this situation. It wasn’t always just objective criticism.”


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