Dean Smith

Dean Smith, Norwich’s head coach, says the Premier League club is “holding their breath” as they await the results of two COVID-19 tests before Saturday’s match against Manchester United.

Tottenham Hotspur trounced Norwich 3-0 on Sunday, but have since been hit by a COVID-19 spread, forcing them to postpone their UEFA Conference League and Premier League matches against Rennes and Brighton & Hove Albion, respectively.

In addition, Smith stated on Friday that Norwich is awaiting its own COVID-19 testing as they prepare for Manchester United’s visit this weekend.

Smith said: “We have got a couple of knocks and have got a couple of COVID-related issues that we are waiting on results for this morning.

“I can’t really let you in on any names, but there’s a couple of players who we are worried about, so we have tested and we will wait for the PCR results back on them.

“(They are) just feeling a little bit unwell, (but) not likely to be linked to the game last week with Tottenham.

“It is just in general, I think (like) with the whole nation of holding our breaths at the moment.”

Smith also stated that the team was prepared to adjust to the Premier League’s new COVID-19 regulations.

“They are similar regulations to what we have had previously, so won’t be too much newness about it from what the lads were doing before, but there’ll be masks inside the building, no prolonged meetings and soft tissue massaging will be kept to a minimum as well.

“It has become part of our lives unfortunately at the moment and hopefully we can soon get rid of it.

“The protocols are there for a reason. If we are following them, then there shouldn’t be too many worries about a spread.”


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