Carlo Ancelotti

Carlo Ancelotti spoke to the press ahead of the Madrid derby on Sunday, where he praised his counterpart Diego Simeone for his longevity with Atletico.

The Italian coach feels it is important that his side stay focused on the task of gaining three points, despite the magnitude of the rivalry.

“There are three points at stake, it is emotional to play a derby against a direct rival, a great rival,” he said during the press conference.

“It is clear that there is going to put more pressure on both teams, all the fans feel this match in a particular way but for the table it is three points and that is what we have to do, play to win the three points and make our fans happy.”

A big question mark that loomed over Real Madrid was the fitness of Karim Benzema, but Ancelotti has confirmed that he will play.

“He has trained well,” Ancelotti said of the Frenchman.

“He has good feelings, he will be available, he will play.

“We have all trained, apart from [Dani] Ceballos who will be there next week.

“I want to praise the work of the medical team and the coaches, to have the entire squad ready to go.

“At this time of the season is that they are doing a great job.”

Ancelotti then praised Simeone for what he has achieved with Atletico.

“He has put the club among the best in Europe,” he said.

“He has won titles and continues to do so impeccably. What has happened to Simeone is everything that coaches want, to stay a long time at a club and make his mark.

“I hope what happened Simeone could happen to me, to stay at the club for many years.”


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