Cristiano Ronaldo

Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes has spoken about the decision to allow Cristiano Ronaldo to take the winning penalty against Arsenal on Thursday night. 

With the game tied at 2-2, United were awarded a penalty after Fred was brought down in the box, but Fernandes, who is the club’s first-choice penalty taker handed the ball over to Ronaldo.

He later explained his decision saying;

“We didn’t have a chat,” he told BBC.

“I missed the last one so I trust him in the same way I trust myself.

“It was time for Cristiano to take the penalty because I took the last one and missed it.

“It doesn’t matter who gets on the penalty.”

It proved the winner in what was Michael Carrick’s last match in charge of the Red Devils.

Up next for United is another home tie against Crystal Palace on Sunday.


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