Karim Benzema

Real Madrid forward Karim Benzema has been found guilty of conspiring to blackmail Mathieu Valbuena with a sex tape. 

Benzema was one of five people put on trial last month over the attempt to extort Valbuena. The Frenchman has been handed a one-year suspended jail term as well as being ordered to pay a £63,000 fine.


The case dates back to June 2015, when the two footballers were at a French training camp.
At the camp, Benzema put pressure on Valbuena to pay off the blackmailers, whom he had conspired with to act as an intermediary, prosecutors said.

It involved a sexually explicit video, which prosecutors said another defendant, Axel Angot, discovered on Valbuena’s mobile phone after he had been asked to transfer its contents to a new device.

The 33-year-old has always denied the allegations and insisted he was only trying to help Valbuena get rid of the compromising video.


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