Liverpool manager has left the footballer fraternity with a good fair share of food for thought regarding gay sexuality in the game.

As reported here on Futaa, an Australian footballer made an announcement on social media to reveal he is gay.

Klopp has since reacted to the news by questioning the game’s attitude and general outlook on professional players’ sexual orientations.

“It’s a big story but that’s actually the problem we have: that it is not normal, or that he has to make an announcement about it instead of living his private life and nobody being bothered about that,” he said, according to the Daily Mirror.

“What I can tell you is that in 30 years in the industry, I never had a dressing room where it would have been a problem at all.

“The problem is not the inner circle, the problem is the wider thing: crowds in the stadium, they use things to try and give you some stick, and that will happen for sure.

“That’s very disappointing, but we all have to work on it, to make sure that this kind of ‘news’ is not necessary, that nobody has to make an announcement to open up.

“I saw his speech and he looks like a really strong, smart young man. I wish him really all the best. I’m thankful he did it because now we talk about the subject again, and that’s obviously a good start for changes,” the German concluded.


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