There has been a lot of speculation about the role Alex Collado could have under Xavi Hernandez at Barcelona from January onwards.

However, while some suggest he could be in Xavi’s plans, the reality is different: Due to the legislation, the academy graduate cannot be registered for Barça this season. In no way. Given that, the club are looking for a loan that benefits all parties.

Remember that Barça began the process to de-register Collado when it seemed his loan move to Club Brugge was complete. After, when that move didn’t materialise, and after days of uncertainty, a loan to Sheffield United also fell through.

Barça looked for a solution but all roads led to the same conclusion: the forward will not be able to play for Barça this season, not even the B team (who he declared he did not want to play for again in preseason anyway).

Therefore, the 22-year-old will have to go on loan in the winter. Both his agents and the club have received interest from Spain and other European leagues, but there’s nothing close yet.

What is certain is that, as much as Xavi may or may not like Collado, he cannot use him this season.


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