During a third-tier match in Argentina, an Argentinian football manager was shot.

After Mauricio Romero was wounded by the bullet, players from both teams were seen fleeing the field.

He was treated at the scene before being brought to the hospital, where he is “doing well and out of danger,” according to reports.

In Las Heras, in the western Argentinian province of Mendoza, the shocking tragedy occurred near the end of a Federal A League match between local side Huracan las Heras and Romero’s team, Ferro Carril Oeste.

According to witnesses, the shooting began outside the stadium but continued inside as rowdy home fans attempted to force their way in.

As the gunshots rang out, families in the stands threw themselves to the ground.

When away side head coach Romero, who was wearing a yellow fluorescent jacket, was hit, footage showed him hold his left shoulder as he faded from view and players dove down before running to the changing rooms with match officials.

The injured man’s club, Ferro, confirmed in a statement after the scare, which led to the match being called off with ten minutes to play:“Mauricio Romero suffered a gunshot wound to his left shoulder but he is doing okay and out of danger.”

There were no arrests reported right away.

The gunshot in Argentina happened on the same day as a similar event in Brazil halted play in a U-20 match.

Thankfully, no one was hurt in the collision between Serra Macaense and Carapebus in Macae, Rio de Janeiro state.


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