As Barcelona president, now and again Joan Laporta has been enraged. After the home defeat by Granada he was fuming. And he was also furious when he found out, via SPORT, that Lionel Messi had hosted a barbecue at his house for the squad last season, ahead of their crucial game against Atletico Madrid. He thought the dressing room was out of control.

The latest rage came after the AGM when he lost the vote to dismantle the Confederation of Fan Clubs.

This is a ‘war’, as one of the assembly members said, who has taken it personally. And we’ll see how it will end. The funny thing about this case is that he lost it by two votes, only two. And it so happens that there were two very notable absences that afternoon. One, the vice president of the social area, Antonio Escudero. And another, for medical reasons, that of Jaume Guardiola, president of the Economic Commission. With those two votes in favour, Laporta would have managed to leave the Assembly unscathed, because the issue of the fan clubs, for him, is a stone in his shoe. To say the least.


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