Following Neymar’s controversial message of retiring early from his Brazil international career, the PSG star has said he was misunderstood.

Neymar was brutally criticised after he had said retiring from the national team is something he is considering after the 2022 FIFA World Cup, citing mental health.

While the public slammed the Samba star, his national side teammates, including Thiago Silva, Marquinhos sent out warm support.

“I said something, but people understood a different thing,” he told Red Bull’s official website.

“I said that, yes, this would be my last World Cup and that I would face it in the best way possible. I will give my best to be there at 100% because it’s as if I had a game the next day, it’s how I go about it.

“If there’s a game tomorrow, that game to me, it’s as if it was the last one in my life. So, for that World Cup that’s coming up, I’m thinking about it as if it was the last one for me because I don’t know how tomorrow will be and what can happen.

“When I said that, it was a bit controversial, with people saying I wanted to stop playing football and that I would leave the national team.

“People understood a completely different thing. I wanted to say that I’m seeing it as if it was the last one. Why? Because we don’t know how tomorrow will be and what can happen.”

Meanwhie, PSG next take on Lille in Ligue 1 on Friday night.


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