Cristiano Ronaldo has revealed he’s ‘sleeping good’ as Manchester United tumble down the table, promising the trophies he brings to Old Trafford will hush the doubters.

Liverpool will arrive at Old Trafford on Saturday as favourites to pile the hurt onto Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, with Jurgen Klopp’s men unbeaten and flying high.

While Ronaldo could well bail Solskjaer out again, the Portuguese icon has faced his own share of criticism amid United’s concerning three-game winless run in the Premier League.

The 36-year-old is the figurehead of United’s team at centre-forward but opts-out of too much pressing or tracking back – saving his energy to rack up the goals. It means his team-mates must shoulder the load, but Solskjaer has yet to mould his collection of superstars into a united force.

‘I know when the team needs my help defensively. But my role in the club is to win, help the team to win and to score goals – [the defensive side] is part of my job,’ Ronaldo told Sky Sports.

‘The people who don’t want to see that is because they don’t like me but to be honest I’m 36, I win everything so am I going to be worried about the people who say bad things about me?

‘I sleep good at night. I go to my bed with my conscience very good. Keep going with that because I will still close mouths and win things.

‘Criticism is always part of the business. I’m not worried about that. And I see it as a good thing to be honest. If they worry about me or they speak about me, it’s because they know my potential and value in football still. So it’s good.

‘I’ll give you an example: if you’re in a school and you’re the best student, you ask the worst student if he likes the best, they’ll say they don’t like him.

‘I think the main word is that I’m still happy and enjoying football. I’m in a new chapter of my life, even with my age, and this is why I am here – to try to win and I think Manchester needs to be at this level of winning and thinking to win big things so I’m here to help.’


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