Wanda Icardi

After almost a week of turmoil, Paris Saint-Germain striker Mauro Icardi’s reunion with Wanda Nara appears to be confirmed.

Icardi posted on Instagram on Wednesday thanking his wife ‘for continuing to believe in this beautiful family’ and now Nara herself has confirmed the news on her social media.

She captioned a collage of pictures of the two together with: ‘I take care of my family. From the w***es, life itself.’

The 28-year-old Icardi also posted a snap of him with Nara saying: ‘Hold me tight, and never let go of me’

It comes after she sensationally accused Icardi of cheating on her on Saturday night, where she wrote on her Instagram: ‘Another family you have ruined for a s***’.

Icardi responded with a post on Sunday showing a picture of him and Wanda together, suggesting the couple had quickly reconciled.

But Wanda added more drama to the saga on Monday by appearing to suggest her marriage to the striker was over.

She captioned a picture of her hand with her wedding ring with: ‘Good day. I prefer my hand without a ring on it.’

The PSG man was then given permission to miss his side’s crucial Champions League game with RB Leipzig and also was absent from two training sessions.

On Wednesday, Icardi signalled his reconciliaiton with Nara, who is also his agent, by posting a picture of them together on Instagram and saying: ‘Thank you my love for continuing to believe in this beautiful family, thanks for being the motor of our lives. I love you.

‘Look how much it hurts when you harm the ones you love. You only feel right again when the ones you hurt forgive you.’

Icardi and Nara have been together since eloping in 2013 when the Argentine television personality was married to the player’s then Sampdoria team-mate and friend Maxi Lopez.

The couple have two daughters together, alongside the three sons Wanda had with her previous marriage with Lopez.

Icardi, 28, and Wanda, 34, have been married since 2014.

They first met through Lopez, who had bonded with Icardi at Sampdoria due to the fact they were the two Argentines playing for the Italian club.

Icardi and Wanda ended up having an affair, projecting the three of them onto the front pages of Italy’s gossip magazines and ending any chance of Lopez and Icardi ever playing in the same team again.

Icardi then moved to Inter Milan, facing Lopez the following season when Inter met Sampdoria in what became known as ‘The Wanda Derby’.


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