Manchester City

Manchester City’s stars touched back down in the UK on Tuesday night after a job well done in Bruges.

Due to the early kick off time in Belgium, Pep Guardiola’s men were able to wrap up victory and head home all in the same day, as they arrived back at Manchester City airport at 11.25pm, all wearing casual club gear.

It was a seamless end to an easy day for City, after they cruised to a 5-1 victory at The Jan Breydel Stadium.

It wasn’t quite plain sailing on the way back, as City rolled into Terminal One due to a suspicious package causing Terminal Two to be evacuated.

But City stars appeared unfazed as they walked through the arrivals exit.

Among them was Cole Palmer – who’s cameo in Belgium caught the attention of his manager.

‘Cole has a special quality in front of the box, a talent that is difficult to find,’ said Guardiola in his post-match press conference. ‘When he has the ball there, most of the time, it ends up in the net.

‘It’s difficult to find that. I know how it works with young players. We have to be calm and patient.

‘His position is the second team, but at the same time, he trains with us and works with our principles.

‘I am happy with the goal. He could have done a few actions a little bit better, but that is normal. It is experience.’


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