Javier Tebas

LaLiga supremo Javier Tebas has criticised Real Madrid president Florentino Perez in the latest of a series of disputes between the two.

The pair have been at loggerheads over Real’s bid to launch a breakaway European Super League earlier this year and LaLiga’s proposed £2.3billion deal with US private equity firm CVC.

Now Spanish top-flight chief Tebas has hit out at Perez once more, claiming he is ‘absolutely wrong’ about his division.

‘Florentino doesn’t want La Liga to grow because if it happens, his Super League project falls,’ he told COPE.

‘I’m not fighting with (Joan) Laporta [Barcelona president]. Of him, and of Barca, there are critics, but the Florentino Perez theme is much more profound because he is absolutely wrong about what LaLiga should be, while Barca are not profoundly ideologised.’

Perez is at the centre of a heated row with LaLiga bosses over the potential deal, which would see them hand 10 per cent of television revenue over the next 50 years to CVC – providing an instant cash injection for all 42 Primera and Segunda Division clubs a lifeline after being hit hard by the pandemic.

However, Real and Barcelona have vehemently opposed the idea which has led to Los Blancos to threaten with legal action.

Both clubs argue that it is unacceptable that the league signs away 10 per cent of TV revenue over such a long period of time when clubs only cede their TV rights for LaLiga to sell at periods of three years at a time.

Real’s threat to sue LaLiga, meanwhile, is just the latest chapter in a long saga of legal feuds between the 34-times Spanish champions and the organising body, with president Florentino Perez picking yet another fight with league chief Javier Tebas.

Real and LaLiga have had no fewer than 51 legal disputes in recent years.

LaLiga have won 23 cases, Real have won five while 21 cases are ongoing, with the club deciding to drop two cases.

In May of this year the club lost a legal battle over television revenues, unsuccessfully asking a court to make void parts of the league’s rules for centralising television rights and failing to receive £19.5million they claimed they were owed.

Tebas and Perez have also been at war over Real’s attempt to create the doomed European Super League, which LaLiga vehemently opposed.

The LaLiga chief called out the Super League architects as being either liars or just misinformed. He said: ‘Either they are lying or they are just plain wrong. This will not save football. Besides, Spanish football has paid its taxes during Covid, it has not asked for a government bailout. There is not the catastrophe that Perez says there is.

‘This is a Super League of PowerPoints. There is not enough television rights money in the world to match the sort of figures they were talking about.

‘The league is strong and Barcelona and Real Madrid are what they are because of what they have done in La Liga and in the Champions League and they should respect those competitions.’

Perez’s point-blank refusal to give up on the project has seen tensions intensify between him and Tebas.

Tebas wrote on Twitter before the European Super League became defunct: ‘In December 2020 I said that Florentino Pérez was pretty clueless, but right now he’s lost.

‘Football is not ruined. The Super League would be the death of football.’


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