Rayo Vallecano have to be prepared for what is coming their way after they completed the signing of Radamel Falcao. From shirt sales to increased attendances, the Colombian is going to turn Vallecas upside down.

Falcao has more than 17 million Twitter followers and 14 million more on Instagram, and Colombians residing in Spain’s capital have suddenly become Rayo fans.

The former Atletico Madrid striker is going to have an invaluable impact on Rayo, and what he’ll bring to the club is incalculable. It’s hard to know what Falcao will deliver on the pitch, but he’s guaranteed to bring excitement and get people in through the turnstiles.

What is clear is that his signing presents Rayo with an incredible opportunity to grow, and they have to be prepared to take it.

Memories of a big-name Mexican

In 1993 and a time before social media, Hugo Sanchez’s arrival at Vallecas sprung a surprise at 35. He would go on to score 17 goals in his single season there.

Since MARCA revealed the news that Falcao was set to sign for Rayo, social media blew up. From Colombian fans to those of Rayo and Atleti, excitement built rapidly.

A tsunami of anticipation has hit, and Rayo are going to have to ride the wave.


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