Manchester United great Rio Ferdinand has come into the defense of Luke Shaw following a series of comments from Jose Mourinho.

Shaw and Mourinho have been involved in a war of words with the Portuguese latest comments coming in the Euros where he claimed that he would select Ben Chilwell over Shaw in England games.

While Shaw hit back by telling Mourinho to move on, Ferdinand believes Mourinho is still bitter with the left-back and questioned the AS Roma tactician attitude towards the player.

“I don’t get it, man. Jose Mourinho, look at who he is. The guy, the main man, I love Mourinho. He’s a manager I would have loved to play for. But leave the kid alone. You messed up his career. He would argue Luke Shaw messed up his career. He has to take some responsibility (Luke Shaw) for this period as well, where he didn’t do well under Mourinho.

“But as a manager, you have to take a bit of responsibility too in getting the best out of players, that’s your job, that’s your remit to get the best out the players at your disposal but he didn’t with Luke Shaw. But leave the kid alone, you’re talking about him taking corners. Please, there’s more to talk about than Luke Shaw taking corners.

“It feels a bit personal to me and it just goes back to me as a pundit now. One of the main things I said when I started this any type of appraisal or breaking down a situation or a club, it can’t be personal.

“I think Jose, you can tell there’s a bit of bitterness about it. Luke doing well doesn’t reflect well on Jose Mourinho. That’s the problem and where the bitterness probably stems from,” Ferdinand said on his FIVE YouTube channel.

While Shaw and Mourinho had a frosty relationship at United, the player has gone on to show his best form with United in the past year, while he is now excelling at Euro 2020 with England.


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