Florentino Perez, the Real Madrid president has announced a summer without major expenditure.

Fans at the club will have to wait at least another year before seeing Mbappe play for Real Madrid.

There will not be major signings. It is time to save money because of the economic crisis. Florentino Perez made it clear in comments to the media post game.

Perez talked to the media post game as was expected. The Real Madrid president was euphoric after winning the title, but he was also cautious.

He took for granted that Ramos would renew his contract as well as also predicting a quiet summer without major signings. “Mbappe? He can wait. Real Madrid will sign the best players again when the situation changes,” he explained.

The situation is very bad and therefore there will not be major signings. It’s difficult to ask players to reduce their salaries and make a transfer of this type,” the president added.

The coronavirus has affected the club. “Life will be different for everyone. We never imagined living through something like this. We have suffered and we will still have to suffer more. I’ll never forget that Lorenzo Sanz and a vice-president of ACS died. That really affected me,” he said.

“This league helps us because Real Madrid’s values are to never give up. The players have gone out and said they were going to win. I’m very proud of the players and the coach,” he also said.

And he ended up making a confession. “I have a life size replica of all the trophies we’ve won. I’ve got them in the garage, all the football trophies (26) and the 20 basketball ones,” he revealed.


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