The English Premier League have mandated that starting from next season, clubs are to use five substitutes.

Football lawmakers, International Football Association Board (IFAB), have ruled the “condensed” 2020/2021 campaign may leave many leagues facing another congest fixture and have extended five subs until July 31.

They will also allow it for “international competitions scheduled in July/August 2021”.

This means it could also be used in the European Championships, to ease the strain on players suffering from fatigue.

Premier League bosses adopted the five sub-rule for the end of the 2019/2020 season with 16 clubs in favour, but it will be put to another vote on July 24 to see whether it will be used next year.

There have already been opposing voices among smaller clubs, who claim it gives the big clubs an unfair advantage at being able to bring on better substitutes and change the game.


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