The ‘new’ Varane, Felix Nzouango is said to be on the verge of becoming a player for Juventus, according to sources in France.

Felix Nzouango, international Under 17 with the French team, has been linked to the Italians for weeks, and the team has reportedly offered three million euros to Amiens for his transfer.

For several weeks now, Juventus have been negotiating with Amiens for a young centre-back who is just 17 years old, a promise in French football that many European scouts are following closely.

The youngster is Felix Nzouango, an U-17 international with the French national team who spiked Juve’s interest thanks to his good work and confidence at Amiens’ youth set-up, a team that is not prepared to let him off so easily.

Juventus have made an irrefutable offer, according to ‘L’Équipe’, and the newspaper have even compared him to none other than Raphael Varane, star of Real Madrid and champion of the world.

Juventus have already prepared three million euros for his transfer, knowing that this is a promise that in a few years will end up exploding and offering its best version, who knows if following in the footsteps of Varane himself and becoming one of the best central defenders in the world.



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