Barcelona have a preferential option over Gustavo Maia and, according to ‘UOL Esporte’, they are thinking of using it.

Sao Paulo, his parent club, would receive one million euros for the player. On Wednesday, the parties will meet to speak about to pay the remaining 3.5 million euros for the transfer.

The attacker Gustavo Maia is closer to joining Barcelona. At 19, the Spanish giants are after him.

In Brazil they are taking for granted that he will sign for Barca. In fact, ‘UOL Esporte’, this week it is predicted that the Catalan side will make their first payment to Sao Paulo for Gustavo Maia.

The source says that Sao Paulo would receive a million euros from Barcelona immediately.

On Wednesday, both parties will meet and they will decide how to pay the rest of it. The Catalans would have to pay another 3.5 million for him.

Those 3.5 million euros will probably be paid in installments. In any case, it is something which is still to be negotiated.

Gustavo Maia’s agents will be in contact both with Sao Paulo and Barcelona. They want to seal it as soon as possible.

Danilo Silva, his agent, seems the most convinced out of all of them of that his signing will be done soon. “We are sure that Barcelona will complete the purchase,” he said recently.


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