Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has become so successful since leaving WWE and has now emerged on anew record.

Over a decade ago, he swapped the squared circle for the silver screen and has since become the highest-paid actor in Hollywood.

Not a bad gig, that.

But The Rock is so much more than a film and television star.

He’s also one of the most popular social media icons on the planet, with a simply ridiculous following.

Earlier this month, Johnson became Instagram’s ‘most valuable star’ thanks to his 187 million followers.

With that attention comes serious cash, too.

According to social media marketing firm Hopper HQ, per BBC News, The Rock can charge advertisers over $1 million (£790,000) per post.

That fee dwarfs everyone else on Instagram’s rich list, which includes footballers Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar, as well as huge stars like Kylie Jenner, Beyonce and Justin Bieber.

Below, you can check out the top 10 earners on the social media site, their number of followers and the amount of money they make per post:

  • 10. Neymar (footballer) 139m followers – $704,000 per post
  • 9. Taylor Swift (pop star) 135m followers – $722,000 per post
  • 8. Justin Bieber (pop star) 139m followers – $747,000 per post
  • 7. Beyonce (pop star) 149m followers – $770,000 per post
  • 6. Selena Gomez (actress and singer) 180m followers – $848,000 per post
  • 5. Ariana Grande (pop star) 191m followers – $853,000 per post
  • 4. Kim Kardashian (socialite) 176m followers – $858,000 per post
  • 3. Cristiano Ronaldo (footballer) 225m followers – $889,000 per post
  • 2. Kylie Jenner (socialite) 182m followers – $986,000 per post
  • 1. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson (actor, producer, businessman) 187m followers – over $1m per post

That really is an absurd amount of money. Imagine making over one million dollars for just one post!

But, you’ve got to respect what The Rock has done since leaving WWE.

He’s become one of the biggest and most marketable names on the planet, so it’s really no surprise he’s finally being recognised as social media’s biggest star.



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