Former Selecao midfielder, Juninho in the Guardian columns about various football and social issues, pointed to Neymar’s behavior, says “He came to PSG just because of the money”

In addition to being a famous former footballer and now sports director of Olympique Lyonnais, he is also very involved in politics.

Opposed to Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro , the former Seleçao midfielder regularly takes a position on societal issues that affect Brazil, including the racism he mentioned in an interview with the Guardian .

Interview in which Juninho also discussed subjects directly related to football, such as money. “In Brazil we are taught to only care about money, but in Europe they have a different mindset. Unconsciously, I made my career plan because I wanted to go to another big club in Brazil, and not just to play sports. I was taught to go to who would pay me the most. This is the Brazilian way , “launches Juninho in remarks reported by Foot Mercato , before taking as an example Neymar who joined PSG in 2017.

” Look at Neymar. He came to PSG just because of the money. PSG gave him everything, everything he wanted and now he wants to leave before the end of his contract. 

But now is the time to give back, to show gratitude. It’s an exchange. Neymar must give all he can on the field, to show total dedication, responsibility and leadership. The problem is that the order established in Brazil is a culture of greed. We always want more money. This is what we learn and what we have learned,

“he says before asking him to question himself:”It’s just what he learned. I have to differentiate between Neymar as a player and Neymar as a person. As a player, he is in the world top 3, on the same level as Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi. 

He’s fast, tough, can score and make assists like a real number 10. But as a person, I think he’s guilty because he needs to challenge himself and grow. At the moment, however, he is just doing what life has taught him to do. “We are now awaiting Neymar’s response



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