Eric Garcia could return to Barcelona, the club where he began his sporting career as ‘Sport’ reports, the Catalan club has already started negotiations with Manchester City.

This summer, the defender could change the Premier League for La Liga.

Many jewels have been from The Farmhouse. One of them, Eric Garcia, the central man who plays for Manchester City.

In 2017, when he was only 16 years old, Eric García left Barcelona and decided to try his luck in England. The Manchester City project seduced him and he did not hesitate to pack his bags.

Three years later, he has won over Pep Guardiola. He and all the ‘citizen’ fans because, in spite of his youth, he has a draw and it shows.

As often happens with such clubs, Barcelona regret having let him go and would like him to come back.

They have been following his steps for some time and, according to ‘Sport’, they have decided to make a move on Eric García.

The Catalan newspaper claims that FC Barcelona has let City know of their interest. They have told the English entity that they are not going to wait until he is free next summer: they want him in the Camp Nou now.

However, ‘Sport’ warns that the negotiation has just begun.

Barça is looking at the long term. The signing of Eric Garcia, if it finally happens, would be strategic. The club wants to incorporate young players to ensure the continuity of the project.

Barcelona’s of Barcelona have been touched, like the rest of the European clubs, by the crisis caused by the COVID-19.

They won’t make any big payments and that complicates the operation somewhat. However, the Catalan newspaper assures us that the club is optimistic and hopes to have the promising Eric García back before his contract with City expires in 2021.


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